After reading the assigned texts, answer and submit your viewpoint to the following questions. The questions are intended to get you to synthesize, evaluate, and extend your knowledge and understanding of the materials you have read.

To receive credit for class participation you must comment on at least 2 of your classmates’ responses to the Discussion Question each week. Please note that both quantity and quality are important considerations when it comes to participation.


Not Met



Points: 0 Points: 25 Points: 50
Understanding of Subject Matter No response was provided to the discussion prompts within the associated time frame Ideas were reasonably clear, but the reader needed to make some guesses as to what the writer meant, Some vocabulary was used incorrectly. Contributions are generally supported by facts, examples, analogies, statistics, but there’s a sense that more is needed. Demonstrated an understanding of the major ideas relevant to the issues under discussion. Information and knowledge are accurate. Statements are supported with accurate explanations, reasons, or evidence.
Interactions with Others Did not respond to any class member’s posts within the associated time frame. Participated in the discussion but contributed little NEW knowledge or ideas. Responded to 1 class member’s posts per discussion. Initiated dialogs through thoughtful and reflective comments and questions of other students’ posts. Responded to at least 2 class members’ posts. Per discussion.